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외국기업의 기술자료나 특허 등을 부분적으로 사용하면서 자신의 제품화 또는 상용화 개발능력을 가미함으로써 특정 제품을 제품화 완료하여, 상대방에게 공급, 납품하려고 할때에 사용할 수 있는 형태이며 일종의 공동개발 및 상용화 계약서이면서도 개발피의뢰자가 제품의 상용화 및 생산을 주도하여 이를 개발의뢰자에게 수출, 공급하는 형태인 DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT 입니다.
개발 및 상용화 생산의 의뢰를 받은 기업에게 비교적 유리하게 작성되었습니다.
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#development #agreement
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development agreement
this agreement, made this day of , 1983, by and between suzuki research of electronics, incorporated, a corporation organized and
existing under the laws of japan and having its head office at xxx-xxx, nihonbahi 1-chome, chuo-ku, tokyo, japan (hereinafter called sre) and hytec incorporated, a corporation orgainzed and existing under the laws of state of california, u.s.a.and having its principal office at 3 boston road, mountain view, california 94043, u.s.a.(hereinafter called hytec).
wetnesseth that:
whereas, sre is engaged in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling electric and electroic products including rf modem in
japan and other countries, and is designing a specificatio detailing the rf modem at hytec`s request, as defined more specifically in exhibit a attached hereto (hereinafter called products);
whereas, hytec is engaged in designing, manufacturing, and selling certain broda band local area net working systems and owns u.s.
patent nos.and and the trademark for registered in the united states patent office relating to the products, and desires to have sre develop a detailed design for manufacture and to import and distribute the products manufactured by sre; and
whereas, sre desires to deveop, manufacture and sell the products to hytec,
now, therefore, the parties hereby agree as follows:
article 1.scope of work by sre
1.1 sre shall develop the detailed design of products by using the functional specification document no.ag-xxxx.xx.xx dated januar 20, 1983 which sre received from hytec on january 26, 1983 and which is attached to this agreement as exhibit b.
1.2 when developed by sre and accepted by hytec, this design specification will be attached to this agreement as exhibit c.
1.3 the design specification shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:
(i) complete and detailed design informatio, such that a competent rf engineer could evaluate and implement the design.
(ii) complete and detailed schematics, parts lists, parts specifications, and printed circuit layouts.
(iii) detailed theory of operation.
(iv) detailed timing diagrams.
(v) complete test results, test data, theoretical calculatios, and any other additional infromation to enable the materials to be
easily understood.
(vi) complete environmental and mechanical test results and methodology, including testing done for temperature, shock, vibration,
and life-cycle testing.
1.4 sre shall design and develop an rf modem in accordance with the design specification, attached as exhibit c.
1.5 sre shall deliver to hytec pre-prototype and prototype models of the rf modem, built in accordance with exhibit c, in the quan
tities and the time frames set forth in exhibit d.
1.6 sre shall develop appropriate rf modem acceptance test procedures(atps) for use in testing the rf modem developed hereunder.
1.7 sre shall develop the rf modem so that it will pass the above specified atps.if requested by hytec, sre shall provide technica
l assistance to hytec at sytec`s facility in mountain view, california during acceptance testing.
1.8 sre shall cooperate with hytec to prepare a product user`s manual, consisting of:
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