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외국기업과의 기술제휴(주로 기술도입의 경우)시에 당사자간의 제반 실시조건을 정할 때 사용되는 계약 형태이며 한국기업이 외국기업에게 기술을 제공(수출)하고자 할 경우에 별다른 수정 없이 사용할 수 있는 LICENSE AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AGREEMENT 입니다.
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제1조 Definitions

제2조 Grant of License

제3조 Technical Assistance and service

제4조 Payment

제5조 Supply of Parts, Components, Equipments and Machinery

제6조 Reports, Records and Auditing

제7조 Term and Termination

제8조 Trademark and Tradename

제9조 Taxation

제10조 Arbitration

제11조 Effective Date
제12조 Applicable Laws

제13조 Force Majeure

제14조 Notice

제15조 Entire Agreement and Amendment

제16조 Survival of Provisions

제17조 Miscellaneous

license and technical assistance agreement
this agreement made and entered into this ( )th day of ( ).19( ), by and between( ) , a corporation organized and existing under t
he laws of the republic of korea and having its registered office of business at ( ), the republic of korea (hereinafter referred to as licensor), and ( ), a coropration orgarnized and existing umder the laws of the ( ), and having its registered office of business at ( ) (hereinafter referred to as licensee)
witnesseth :
whereas, licensor has long been engaged in the manufacture, production and sale of the licensed products (as defined hereinafter),
and licensor has the right to gramt a license to use technical information and industrial property rights, as defined hereafter; and
whereas, licensee desires to obtain, from licensor and licensor is willing to grant to licensee, the license and the right to manu
facture, produce, use and sell the licensed produots utilizing technical infor-mation, etc.
now therefore, in consideration of the foregoing pramises and covenants hereinafter set forth, the parties hereto agree as follows
article 1.definitions
1.1 licensed products means the products which licensor authorize licensee to manufacture assemble and/or sell in accordamce with
this agreememt being identical with or modifications of licen-sors mode numbers, as set forth in aependix 1 hereto.
1.2 additional model means a model (s) listed in appendix 2 attached hereto, to be selected on a mutually agreed-upon basis under
paragraph 2 of article 3.
1.3 technical information meams any and all technical knowledge knowhow, standard calculations, data and information developed or
otherwise generally used by licensor, as stipulated in apeen-dix 3 attached hereto, pertaining ro the manufacture, production, use and sale of the licensed products as of the effective date (as defined hereafter).
1.4 contract territory means the territory subject to ( ).
1.5 industrial property rights meams any and all rights under patents, utility models, designs and/or their applications presently
owned or hereafter acquired by licensor and/or which licensor has or may have the right to control or grant license thereof as of the effective date and which is applitable to or may be used in manufacture and/or sale of the licensed products
1.6 effective date means the date as specified in article 1.1 hereof.
1.7 royalty means the running royalty per unit of the licensed products manufactured and sold, used or otherwise disposed of by li
article 2.grant of license
2.1 subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement licensor hereby grants to licensee a non-exclusive, non-transf
erable license, without the right to sublicense, and the right to manufacture, produce, use, sell, or otherwise dispose of the licensed products utilizing the technical information and/or industrial property rights furnished by li censor in the contract territory.
article 3.technical assistance and service
3.1 in accordance with delivery schedule of the technical information agreed upon later by the parties hereto.licensor shall suppl licensee with the technical information within sixty(60) days after licensors receipt of the technical disclosure fee under article 4 in order that licensee may manufacture the licensed products without delay, to the extent licensor may grant and deem to be appropriate to licensee.
3.2 during the period from the effective date through a date being twelve(12) months before the expiration date of this agreement
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