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유료회원 SALES CONTRACT - 섬네일 1page
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특정물품, 부품, 원자재 등을 단발적 또는 부정기적으로 수출하고자 할 경우에 일반적으로 사용할 수 있는 형태이며 수출자에게 유리하게 작성되어 있는 SALES CONTRACT 입니다.
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본 문서의 미리보기 큰 이미지
유료회원이 되시면 보실 수 있습니다.

1. seller로서의 수출의사표시의 확약 및 구매자의 계약체결 권유
2. 수출대상 품목의 상세 기술
3. 주요 거래조건의 상세 기술
4. 뒷면의 일반거래 조건의 준수를 전제로 한 계약성립의 표시
5. 서명 및 accept란
6. 거래일반조건 (general teams and conditions)

sales contract
messrs.date :
contract no.:
abc international corp.as seller, hereby confirms having sold to you as buyer, the following goods by contract of sale made on the
above date and on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.buyer is hereby requested to sign and return the original and if any discrepancy be found by buyer, seller should be informed immediately by cable.
item no.
commodity & specification
unit price
total amount
time of shipment : marking :
port of shipment :
port of destination;
payment :
insurance :
packing :
special terms & conditions :
this contract is subject to the general terms and conditions set forth on back hereof :
accepted by :
abc international corp.
general terms and conditions
both parties agree to the following terms and conditions :
quantity : quantity set forth in this contract is subject to a variation of ten(10) percent more or less at seller`s option.
shipment : date of bill of lading shall be accepted as a conclusive date of shipment.fourteen(14) days grace in shipping shall be
allowed.partial shipment and/or transhipment shall be permitted unless otherwise stated in this contract.seller shall not be responsible for any delay of shipment, should buyer fail to provide timely letter of credit in corformity with this contract or in case the sailing of the steamer designated by buyer be deferred beyound the prearranged date of shipment.
packing and marking : packing shall be at seller`s option.in case special instructions are necessary, the same should be intimated
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