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유료회원 기술 도입 계약서 - 섬네일 1page
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기술 도입 계약서

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제1조 Definitions
제2조 Technology License
제3조 Technical Information
제4조 Technical Assistance
제5조 Protection of Proprietary Information
제6조 Disclosure Fee and Royalties
제7조 Accounting Records
제8조 Purchase of Semi-Finished Products from LICENSOR
제9조 Purchase of Tools and Equipment from LICENSOR
제10조 Export of LICENSEE's Products.
제11조 Suits for Infringement
제12조 Developments and Improvements
제13조 Quality Control
제14조 Warranty on Proprietary Information
제15조 Exclusive Use of Trademark in Territory.
제16조 Effective Date and Term
제17조 Termination
제18조 Effect of Termination
제19조 Gove ment Approval
제20조 Arbitration
제21조 Gove ing Law
제22조 Notice
제23조 Assignment and Succession
제24조 Entire Agreement
제25조 Miscellaneous

license and technical assistance agreement
license and technical assistance agreement made by and between [the american widget co.,] a corporation organized and existing und
er [the laws of the state of new york, u.s.a], having an office at [150, 51st west, new york, n.y., u.s.a.] (hereinafter referred to as licensor); and [korean manufacturing co., ltd.], a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the republic of korea, having an office at [159, samsung-dong, kangnam-ku, seoul, korea] (hereinafter referred to as licensee).
witnesseth :
whereas, licensor now manufactures and sells, in [the united states of america] and elsewhere, a proprietary line of [widget sets
formed from glass], and a proprietary line of [grosbeaks formed from carbon fibers] ; and
whereas, licensor owns certain trademarks, patent rights, and technological information including know-how, skill and experience r
elating to said products as hereinafter defined ; and
whereas, licensee desires to obtain from licensor the right to use such trademarks, patent rights and technological information to
manufacture, use and sell the products ; and also desires to obtain technical assistance from licensor in the use of such patent rights and technological information, and licensor is willing to grant such rights and to provide such technical assistance to licensee all as hereinafter more fully provided,
now therefore, in consideration of the covenants herein contained, the parties agree as follows;
section 1.definitions
for the purpose of this agreement :
(1) products means the following licensor products :
[(i) all widget sets formed from molten glass and glass fiber, including all series a frames and bottoms, and (ii) all grosbeaks f
ormed from carbon fibers, but not including grosbeak casings, bearing or seals.]
(2) territory means [the republic of korea].
(3) trademarks means those trademarks specifically identified in schedule (b) attached hereto which is made a part of this agreeme
nt and such other trademarks as may be inserted in schedule (b) by mutual agreement from time to time during the life of this agreement.
(4) patent rights means all patents and patent applications for inventions, designs processes, models, or anything patentable, for
any country in the world, granted or made at any time prior to the expiration or termination of this agreement, and which can be used in the manufacture, use, or sale of the products.
(5) proprietary information means the inventions, specification, production data, engineering drawings, specialized know-how, skil
l and other secret and confidential technical information which are owned or controlled by licensor and can be used in the manufacture, use, or sale of the products.
(6) effective date means the date on which (i) this agreement is executed by licensor and licensee, or (ii) this agreement is appr
oved by [the government of the republic of korea] as contemplated in section 19 herein whichever is later.
section 2.technology license
(1) for the duration of this agreement, and upon the terms and conditions more specifical set forth herein, licensor hereby grants
to licensee a license with the exclusive right to use the patent rights, proprietary information, and trademarks to manufacture, use, and sell the products in the territory.
(2) licensee may sublicense others to use the proprietary information, trademarks, and patent rights to manufacture, use, or sell
the products with prior written consent of licensor, which consent shall not be unreasonable withheld.all of licensee hold their rights contingent on licensees rights under this agreement.any loss by licensee of its rights under this agreement due to termination for breach, or due to any other reason, automatically causes a loss of the same rights by all of licensees sublicensees.
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